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I will tell you something happening here. I have an emergency button on the outside of the garage just in case the key pad doesn't work, you can alert the people inside - LET me in!!!!! Last week, three nights in a row ( around 1am) and one morning around 9am, that alarm has gone off. I was getting ready to leave that morning so I was at the back door getting ready to open the garage door and the emergency sound started. I had enough. I pulled my gun, got beside the outside refrigerator and opened the garage door with my gun pointed in that direction.

As the door raised, I saw four legs standing there and I announce...if you are still there by the time this door opens, I hope you have medical insurance because I will blow your *** off. Four legs started running. I closed the door, ran back in the house to the front and out the door. There they were - 2 teenages we have been looking for - we have had a rash of cars being broken into ----- got the make of their car and license number as they sped off. Called the police - can't believe they called back later in the day - but they said they had them and pretty sure these are the two we have been looking for.... Maybe I should have called the police and not opened that door but something in me was sick to death of this mess. I bet we will not see their butts around here again.
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