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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post

I am a single blonde (some would automatically assume that makes me stupid...) female
That doesn't make you stupid, it makes you a target for unwanted advances. LOL Then again, it could make you an anomaly

Ok, on the serious side, you did every thing right. And kudos on your quick thinking! It has been my habit since forever to lock my doors upon entering my car. I've always done it. One day in Target parking lot, I load my car, get in, hit the lock button and look over my right shoulder to start backing out when suddenly someone hits my window. Startled the Hell out of me. I turn to see this black man and he says "You locked your doors" "Yes I did and???" "You did it because I'm black" "No, I did it because it's a habit and if you are trying to prove that you're a decent black man, slamming on my window and calling me racist is not helping your position"

Jeez what a dumbass.
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