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Default Almost Carjacked - by MrsKitty

This post is copied here, by permission of MrsKitty on It received more than 225 replies and almost 50,000 views (yes, 50K !), adding good advice and information. Bravo to Mrs Kitty! I thought our folks here should read this and be aware, always.

Bonnie B

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(By MrsKitty) I have already posted this in GNG and T&T. As somebody suggested, I am posting it here as well. I have no idea why but it didn't dawn on me that this was a women's issue too. I hope somebody can be helped by my experience:

I stopped just before a stoplight yesterday about 3:30 in a very busy intersection in a nice part of a pretty good-sized city, when the doofus in front of me decided to do something really stupid--pratically turn completely around in the middle of about a eight or nine lane highway/intersection. While I am stopped waiting for them to get out of the way, some guy comes up behind me and hits me. Hard enough to scare me, but not hard enough to really hurt my car.

I immediately pick up my phone and call 911. I am watching the guy in my rearview mirror and when he gets out of the car he puts his left hand in his pocket like he is trying to hide something. I reach for my Glock. I have it ready before he gets to my door, but hidden down behind my leg where he can't see it.

I am a single blonde (some would automatically assume that makes me stupid...) female driving a current model car. Yet, I don't assume nothing at this point. After all it is raining, and he could have just slid on the wet asphalt.

The guy asks me if I am ok. I tell him yes, he mainly scared me. He comes closer. I tell him to "back away from the car." He says that I need to get out and look at the car, that he has really messed up the rear end. I tell him later. He insists I look right then since I "have got to fix it right now". I tell him that I don't exactly have a body shop with me nor can I fix it, so I am not concerned until I get an estimate about that since I know insurance will cover it.

He comes closer and I tell him to "back away from the car" again. Well, he then tells me that he will get me his insurance info only if I get out and come back to his car. I tell him that he can go get it himeself and bring it back to me. I repeat my warning to back away from the car. He looks at me stupidly. I ask him "do you understand what back away from the car means?"

He takes a few steps back and calls somebody. I crack the back window enough I can hear him agitatedly telling them "No,no, I can't do that." Then, "No, that won't work." And finally, "No, I don't think she will do that" followed by "I don't think I can" while he is dancing around. Well, while he is on the phone I call back to 911 and tell them that he keeps trying to get me out of the car. The female dispacther immediately tells me not to get out (like I would!!) no matter what and to run if I need to. She asks if I have a way to defend myself. I tell her that I do have a permit and I already have the gun out. She tells me to not to hesitate to protect myself.

He comes back and walks almost right up to the window. I start to raise my gun and tell him to "back away from the car". He comes closer and I tell him, "You really need to back away from this car right now before I feel like I have to protect myself. Do you understand?" He looks at me, quickly takes a couple steps backwards and tells me that he is moving his car off the road into an adjacent parking lot. I tell him "Fine. Then you need to stay in your car until the police arrive. Do you understand?" He says, "You called the police?" I tell him yes, twice. He hauls butt to the car and runs. The last I saw of him was his taillights under the red light he ran.

I feel like he had intentions of carjacking me, but he was either unsure of himself/inexperienced or I suprised him when he got close enough to see a 6-D cell MagLite in my lap and me obviously hiding something else behind my leg. He never did take his left hand out of the pocket. When he was dialing, it was more than obvious that he was left handed but he kept fumbling with his right hand only. I believe he had a weapon of some sort in there, most likely a small gun.

Am I jumping to conclusions? Do you all think that he was going to carjack me? Did I handle things right? What would you have done differently?

Thanks for you input.
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