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Originally Posted by kittycat View Post

Also don't put the target waaaaaay out, to try and show off. She'll just be frustrated her shots aren't hitting paper. Make it fun for her.-snip-
This is good advice no matter the sex of the person you're bringing out.

Last year I invited a friend of mine and his wife to the local range for the 1st time.On the drive down I brief the couple on safety procedures and proper gun handling, so when we hit the line everyone's up to snuff.

Husband shoots my Beretta. Hits the target 2 out of 5 rounds at 7 yards.
Big Smiles.
His wife shoots my Beretta.All of her 5 rounds hit the target, admirable considering the weapon barely fit her hand.
Big Smiles.

I take my turn, crank out the target to 10 yards like I customarily do on my range visits, and without hesitation shoot a 3" group with the M9 like I usually do. I turn around and see my guests as I explain that its my usual drill when practicin-

Big Frowns.

Oh crap.I spent the rest of the session explaining that I went to the range monthly, and as such I never shot that well the first time out. I doubt it helped much.

To someone who's starting out, what we consider "average" performance looks like Rob Leatham to us.Next time I take someone shooting im not even going to take the line.The entire point of the exercise is to make shooting fun, not embarrassing.
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