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The number of female gun owners is growing. In a poll it showed 23% of gun owners are female.

I don't know perhaps it's because I'm a female, but thus far I've had good luck at getting my girl friends to be repeat shooters. I've been to the range several times with only girls. Many of my friends tell me because I'm so small they look at me and figure they can do it too. LOL. Hey whatever works.

I would suggest the following-

Getting her to shoot

1. Start her off with something fun and light like a .22. Then ask her if she wants to try something a little bigger and reassure her it'll be okay. Don't bring out a S&W500. Too many times I've seen guys pressuring their woman to shoot something way too big and powerful. Of course she won't like it! Also don't put the target waaaaaay out, to try and show off. She'll just be frustrated her shots aren't hitting paper. Make it fun for her. Also for first timers I typically load all rounds. After loading a few hundred rounds for 4 girls, my thumb is black and sore for the next two days, but they are in such shell shock I let them absorb the shooting fundamentals first.

2. Reassure her at how good she was. Positive reinforcement is always nice.

3. Repeat #1 and this time have her start loading her own rounds. Now she is a little comfortable having been to the range, so you want to start teaching her the mechanics. Most new shooters have no clue how a gun works.

4. Reassure her at how good she was.

5. Try inviting her girl friends. By this time she will have some confidence especially amongst her friends. Rent the same caliber guns as you started her off as with the targets close. She'll feel like it's easy. If you get her girl friends to also like it that's great!


Do a little research and show her a gun she might like. In front of your family/friends brag about how good she is. Show them the gun you are thinking would be good for her. Then ask if she wants to try it out. LOL... I know this sounds kind of sneaky, but I have lots of friends who only knew gucci, burberry, and sephora... I'm slowly transforming their vocab to glock, benelli, and sig. In my opinion, it's not something girls sit around and do, but if they are shown and encouraged it will be different. I always love getting new shooters hooked... I guess I kind of feel like a drug dealer, but I use guns. LOL.
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