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Thank you for your response.

I know from past experience your service was top notch and I was very happy with your customer service so I was very saddened to hear that this sale did not go through.

Just as some further feedback, my sister-in-law has no clue about gun related stuff.

She just asked me what her brother would want for his birthday that was around the $500 mark and I said an rifle optic for his LWRC SPR.

So instead of directing her to the usual for an Internet purchase I directed her to your website because of my past experience with your outfit.

Out of my extended family there are really only 2 of us that shoot as a recreation. The rest simply are neither for, nor againts, the sport but they all have no clue about gun related stuff, yet they are willing to buy gun paraphernalia for us as gifts.

So as some feedback, I just want to make you aware that there will be a base of customers who do call and make orders, who will have no clue of what they ordered simply because they were directed by a friend or relative to order a particular piece of gun gear for a loved one.

In this case my sister in law had no clue what a $600+ EoTech does, but she was very happy to buy one for her brother as his birthday gift.

Other than a slight loss of face to my relative on my part because of this incident, everything will work out this weekend during our carbine course and I hope my brother-in-law will be happy with his new optic.

Thank you again for your quick response.

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