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Originally Posted by marsh1 View Post
I will dig into this and figured out what happened.


Did not pass our fraud checks. Just becasue a credit card sale is approved does not mean we get paid. Internet fraud is rampant. Costs us thousands of dollars and is a $190 Billion dollar problem every year for on line merchants.

In this case billing and shipping didn't match. First red flag but that happens so we call. Person that answered did not remember what was ordered. Unfortunately that is a classics tip off and we sent a email to cancel the sale and voided the charge.

In this case we lost a sale and a legitimate customer was inconvenienced. If there is anything I can personally do to make up for it please contact me.
And this is why I have no problem giving Marshall at Primary Arms my business. In fact I just ordered some Seekins stuff last night. I can understand the frustration of the OP's sister. It's a function of the world we live in and all the societal failures we have.

Ownership of an issue that is really not theirs is what separates good service from great service.
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