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Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
Drunk drivers on cell phones...horrific.
Yea, I should have had that as an option, but you can choose more than one from the list.

While I do think drunks are more dangerous individually, the shear number of texting causing issues now on the roads even exceeds the amount of old people who tend to make things a bit interesting. Texting has to be dealt with more forcefully to get people to stop doing it while driving. I am sure the civil liberties anti nanny state folks will now chime in...but driving is a privilage, and if you don't want to follow the rules you can walk.

Maybe the law could be texting is legal, however, so is shooting at texters from your car if they swerve into your lane. That would even up the odds.

I was on the 405 today and there was a big backup in the fast lane. As I worked my way around it lo and behold a lady was busy texting and doing 45 mph to maintain a safe interval for stopping, meanwhile all havoc was happening all around her.
I love America for the rights and freedoms we used to have.

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