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That is weird, cause all my ccw people I know in Cali are not the type to be hanging out a walmart looking to see if another ccw'er does a "nacho walk". I find this all amusing, but strange a the same time. LOL

BTW - Congrats!

Originally Posted by Bugguts View Post
LOL I don't know how Nacho walk originated but the gist is that once you got you CCW, you go to Walmart and buy nachos at the snack bar and eat them in the store. Supposedly it is something that other CCW'ers will recognize as a fellow CCW'er. Walmart doesn't have snack bars anymore(usually just McD's) so you are supposed to buy tortilla chips and queso dip and eat it there. I don't shop at Walmart ever so I will be having nachos at home. LOL
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