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Folks, we all whine about negative media attention, and rightly so.

Well, here is an opportunity to help present a truly balanced view of 2A rights, the history and relevance in modern society, and show the dire consequences of failing to protect the right.

This director and creative team can present this story at a very high level of production value and credibility.

For patriots like us, it's is a rare chance to influence public opinion through PBS affiliates and film festivals, reaching an audience in a way that can't be accomplished through any other means.

Please pledge your support at whatever level you are comfortable. The clock is ticking on the kickstarter campaign. If we don't reach the funding goal needed to get the film made, you risk nothing.

Please do what you can. Thanks.

The Second Amendment is the one right that is so fundamental that the inability to exercise it, should the need arise, would render all other rights null and void. Dead people have no rights.
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