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Screw what morons think. I know that .22lrs are tons of fun and my favorite guns to shoot. When some moron starts showing his machismo and stupidity by trying to tell me that I'm a wimp for shooting .22lrs, I just laugh it off. I know the moron is probably a new shooter who shoots to feel recoil and hear a loud noise instead of actually trying to hit what he is aiming at. In the end, I could not care less what the moron thinks of me but, if I have one of my 50BMGs around, I might F with him and let the smallest girl I can find shoot a few rounds from it. Then, I can explain to the moron that recoil and noise aren't any more macho than Hello Kitty.

When I take my .22lr shotgun out to try to break clays, I only get laughed at until I actually break a few. But, I'm not that good so, "a few" might take me 25 rounds to hit.
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