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Originally Posted by donw View Post
my brother and i have a standing joke between us about some of the clientele and some of the employees seen and encountered in gun shops:

it seems like they're all ex-SEALs, ex-marines, ex-LE, ex-mercenaries, ex-rangers/paratroopers or ex-FBI/ICE/BP...and it seems like you always encounter the ones that will ask "What caliber XXXXXXX you got? oh...just a .44? i got a .45..."
Yeah, I hear ya. And the funniest part about that for those wannabe-macho types is that typically they mean 185-gr to 230-gr .45 ACP, a low-velocity, low-pressure round. I've found most ".44" shooters are typically shooting .44 Magnum, not .44 Special, and they're shooting at least 240gr projectiles and often 300-grainers, so these wannabe-ninjas even lose on the "oooh, my round's bigger/more powerful" count, too.
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