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my brother and i have a standing joke between us about some of the clientele and some of the employees seen and encountered in gun shops:

it seems like they're all ex-SEALs, ex-marines, ex-LE, ex-mercenaries, ex-rangers/paratroopers or ex-FBI/ICE/BP...and it seems like you always encounter the ones that will ask "What caliber XXXXXXX you got? oh...just a .44? i got a .45..."

there ain't nuthin' wrong with what yer's yer $$$$, yer choice...

the 10/22, along with the AR, happens to be, IMHO, a current day phenomenen that's not going away soon.

i'm probably "Older" than you...i personally don't give a tinkers d*** what others say about my choice in fireams...
NRA life member, US Army Veteran

i am a legend in my own mind...

we are told not to judge muslims by what a few do...yet, the NRA membership and firearms owners are ALL considered as radical...

"The second amendment ain't about your deer rifle..."

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