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Default How do you deal with the stigma?

Hey guys. I have a secret love (a passion maybe even) for 22lrs. I can list the reasons why, but I think in this company I'd be wasting time; I'm pretty sure we 'get it'. But for some reason, it almost feels like a dirtly little secret, ya know? Case in point:

I recently went in to a local gun store and bought a bare bones 10/22. I plan to build it up to my tastes, tune it to drive nails and generally just turn it into one fine shooting machine. But I couldn't shake the sense of scorn from other customers in the shop. I'm a middle aged man of fairly large stature who yes, was in there buying a 10/22. No its not for my son, or my niece, or my grandma... its for me. Yes, it shoots a real caliber, no its not a toy and yes it is a real gun. I left the store almost feeling sheepish.

How do you guys get over the stigma? How do you measure your "little 22" against the bigger center fire calibers even just in your own head? Is it 'just a toy' to you too, or do you think of it differently?

Nothing is going to stop me from shooting and enjoying the hell out of my 22s. But I can't shake the feeling I'm somehow viewed as inferior for doing so. What about you, and how do you deal with it?
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