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Ya...because I am sure that you always read the T&C before you order anything online.

The fact remains, nobody cares what anyones T&C says. What I do care about is how I am treated when I am a returning and paying customer. T&C says, "We can't change orders"....big deal. I just placed an order and want to add to it and they are trying to make a profit off of that.

It's dishonest and there is no need to charge customers with a restocking fee when they want to add a couple items to their cart.

And for you, if you don't like me being a whiney b****** then stay out of my thread. I have every right to convey my displeasure with their CS regardless of what you think. If you would like to discuss this further, my PM is available. Then again, every time you make a comment like this my CS experience gets bumped to the top of their forum and I am sure Palmetto loves to have their complaining customers at the top of their forum.

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