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Originally Posted by DocCrazyJ View Post
DANG IT STIX!!!!!!!!

Now I have to spend more money to build one of those

If you build one yourself, go with a muzzle brake that directs only sideways. I started with what AA calls the "Millenium" brake, which while more effective than the one I have on now (and cooler looking), directs way too much blast back into your own face with the little 12" barrel. Oops! Gave me a headache shooting it like that. Probably makes way more sense out past 20".

Oh and when I take it to a public range I always warn everyone several lanes in either direction

Originally Posted by fourXfour View Post
You sir are a genius. If your limited to 10 rounds in CA, then you might as well have the biggest ten rounds you can find! I'd love to see how it performs on an engine block!!
Yep that was the point! 10 rounds is the "normal" capacity for this caliber, so nothing really neutered for CA. Plus I'm only aware of maybe 2 other .50 Beowulf AR pistols out there anywhere in the US, so I was able to do something pretty unique with my first 80% lower build.

Got an engine block and a place near the bay area to shoot it?

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