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Originally Posted by Mg911guy View Post
Thanks for your service and sacrifice SS. We all owe you a debt that can never be repaid.
Thank you sir I appreciate that but I am a tiny piece with countless others who have done much more.

Originally Posted by C.W.M.V. View Post
They arent candy canes they are AIMING POLES!!!

I wont even say sorry about your buddy, just that I know what that feels like. ****ing sucks.
Yeah whatever you say. I know you guys like to play Candyland but you can do that after work.

I wasn't trying to bring that into this (though I know you know that) but through him I got to do and learn some pretty sweet mortar stuff. You're definitely right about not wanting them until you need them though. That was our (and all 11Bs) mentality haha. The sad reality is it's almost a guarantee if you are infantry (and even most jobs) that you lose someone. KIA bracelets are all too common. I ****ing hate the Army for that.
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