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Originally Posted by C.W.M.V. View Post
So what your saying is that you weren't smart enough to make the cut for the Mensa of combat arms, the most deadly and hansom war-fighters in all combat MOS's-the Indirect Fire Infantryman MOS 11C...

When I joined there were 4 Infantry MOS's, 11B, C, H and M.

I really wanted 11H-Run and drive around killing tanks! YEEEEHAAA!

After that I would have liked 11M, Would have loved to be a Bradly gunner and then commander.

If not those two then 11B, you know, why not.

And I didn't even know what 11C was. Mortar, aren't those artillery pieces?

Take a wild guess which one I got.
Ill give you a hint-baseplates are HEAVY!

EDIT: On the plus side, mortar school was awesome. All the bravo's went out and played at the mout site and we went to the mortar square.
There were 12 of us, and the drill SSG's ordered servings for 50.
We woke up at 0900, trained on the guns and then had lunch for a few hours. Drills bought us dougnuts! They told us "Well guys your going to be the red-headed step children of any unit you ever end up in. You'll do all that the B's do, plus your mortar mission, and no one will even know WTF 11C is. So in light of that and the fact that no one will give a **** about you until they need fire support were going to take things easy for the week."

That was one hell of a week!
Haha no just family history of 11Bs. That's an awesome story though. We always talked **** to our mortar section but loved them just as much as any B even before we deployed. Especially when they were doing non-field training with the tubes by the parking lot with those candy cane looking things.

I got to go to a few mortar ranges and they were pretty sweet. I met one of my best friends at 30th and he got picked for 11C. We ended up being in the same company at Drum and he was with my platoon at our COP most of the deployment. He also got our company's first confirmed kills using the 60. Unfortunately his name is the first one in my signature.
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