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Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
Could you give me some quick dimensions/ ideas for the base and perhaps a description of the angled piece and hinge arrangement in your pictures? I don't want mine to fall over when hit...I'm sort of struggling over how to build the base... I'd really like to be able to easily separate the vertical riser from the base for transport.
I bought your 8 piece target on eBay before the group buy( best price on eBay by FAR and instantaneous shipping! This guy is awesome, highly recommended guys)
Thanks for the kind words...glad you like my product.
My hinge arrangement is very simple. It is just a piece of tubing that the steel slides in to. Moves very freely. I have never had an issue on my tree with the paddle getting stuck.

I would make the legs 3-4 feet in length. Also, the cross bar that goes between the legs is better if it is not actually centered and here is why. If it is moved further back (as the shooter is looking at it), you have to take in to consideration the forward angle up the upright. The angle iron should always be slightly angled toward the shooter (maybe 10-15 degrees) so gravity will keep the paddles to either the left or the right side. I have my tree angled and will honestly tell you that I have only one time had the paddle get stuck. I have thousands of impacts on my tree. So, please excuse my crappy paint drawing below (this computer does not have my CAD program), but this is how I would build the base and orient the angle iron...

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