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Originally Posted by jamesob View Post
did i say it was the best way or the most accurate? no. it will give you a general idea of whats going on without buying gauges.
Ok how's that??

I just measured a hand full of new ammo It headspaces .008" to .012" under a go gage dimension add .006" for the No go dimension

Two pieces of scotch tape is .004" so you're still .004" to.008" under a go gage and .010" to .012" under a no go.

If you are using a fired case. Well what was the original dimension of the chamber it was fired in? Was it long or short on headspace?? You don't know.
And thats where I take exception to this technique. If you have nothing to reference from how do you know where you end up.?

The point I'm getting at is you have no idea what the headspace dimension is of the cartridge you are stacking layers of tape on.
So if you don't know what it's headspace dimension is how will you know how many layers of tape to add?

You can do this on cases that headspace of the rim, case mouth or belt but not on a rimless case with a shoulder. It's not accurate at all and will not even get you in the ball park. I would only recommend this technique when you are building rifles during or just after the battle of Armageddon
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That guy is a hack. He worked on one of my ak's and now the damn thing only shoots .50 cal bullets.
The above statement i consider a term of endearment
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