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I've bought a lot of 30-06 and 8mm surplus rifles the last few years and have used a field gauge to check them all. All you really need for safety checks is a field gauge. A rifle that closes on a no-go gauge but won't close on a field gauge is usually considered "serviceable". My dad has a Turkish mauser that would have consistent problems detonating primers despite being clean internally and with a new firing pin spring. Well guess what? I checked it with my 8mm field gauge and the bolt closes. Basically firing the pin pushes the cartridge forward to the extents that the extractor claw allows causing light strikes. Theres a potential for a case head failure in these situations, although we had fired this rifle sporadically for the last 20 years. This rifle was purchased at Big 5, which surprised me. I had one 1903 Springfield that failed the field gauge as well. A new bolt head fixed that problem. Obviously Simpons LTD doesn't check this, or at least warn about it. You never can be too careful. For the last couple K98's I bought at Big 5 I asked the store employee/manager if I could check and they did let me.
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