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Originally Posted by Brandon04GT View Post

It's an Ed Brown ambi safety. Complete PITA to install. Aside from fitting the blocking lug to the sear, I also had to fit both sides to the frame as well as bevel the edge of the right side because it is left kinda sharp and cuts into my hand (left handed)....I think I'll have to do some more though because it is still a bit uncomfortable.

I was actually looking at those sights, mainly just the front ones. I want to run something like that and a Harrison retro rear but i'm saving the change until I get the gun refinished later down the road. I wanna have a go at dehorning the edges of the slide/frame and maybe put in a fitted beavertail.

I like your grip safety...they don't make em anymore right?
Thanks for the information.

I have seen those Harrison retro rear sights, I think that would look great on your RIA. Much better than the MGW rear sight, IMO. I would go with the Harrison rear and a brass or gold bead front sight, I think that would be perfect for your set up. Just an idea.

And thanks but actually my grip safety is still made by Olympic Arms (I think/hope). It was the closet I could get to the original Wilson Combat, Kings Custom, or MEU SOC style grip safety without paying out big $ for one.
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