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Originally Posted by BoJackUSMC View Post
ouch... we just lost two more recruits. I still dont understand why those recruits quit....
When I went through the BP academy, my class was 39 strong. We graduated only nineteen. Some we lost to injury, some to firearms, some to academics, and a LOT to Spanish! And some realized this was not the job for them.

BoJackUSMC, just realize that this job isn't for everyone. What you are seeing during the academy is the tip of the iceberg. This is not an easy job with the long hours, time away from family, rotating shifts (if in uniform), call out and never ending phone calls (if plain clothes), and of course, different stresses, both internally and those people who don't want you to go home at night. What your academy instructors tell you is true: it is a long career, 95% percent monotonous and boring, followed by 5% of sheer terror and/or excitement. Making it through one day at a time is one day closer to retirement.
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