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Originally Posted by glane5910 View Post
Correct but basically so is a shotgun . That didn't stop them here from banning Taurus Judges as "short barreled shotguns"
that is because CA law says that something can be a "short barreled shotgun" without it first being a shotgun. It is codifed in law.

Originally Posted by glane5910 View Post
How do you get past the Calif lab test requirement unless you build as a single shot?
you don't. that is why you initially build in in a dimensionally-compliant single-shot configurarion.

Originally Posted by jingerale View Post
well, that's exactly what I said, you have to do it as a single shot. Just wondering if people are even aware of a barrel length requirement when it comes to single shots, unless I'm wrong about it. Most of the time, when we discuss single shot here, it's about AR pistols, and generally, the barrels on AR pistols are what 7" to 10.5" inches? So this question doesn't come up very often.
those that are actually building SSE pistols know about the barrel and OAL requirements.

Originally Posted by glane5910 View Post
I'm wondering out loud here but why would someone want to build a single shot 1911?(besides the because I can answer). Why not work with a smith/ffl and get a frame, do the single shot conversion then DROS it out a a single shot. After that, you can do as you please.
why would I want to build a single-shot 1911. maybe so that it is built the way I want and that I can be proud that I built my own gun. nothing says that it has to stay as a single-shot. Once I comply with the law and use the exemption afforded to SSE handguns, nothing says that I can't latter modify it into a semi-auto config. Just as if I had bought it from an FFL as an SSE and them converted it afterwards.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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