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Originally Posted by Spyder View Post
I cranked out 32 weeks. 17 would have been heaven!
We didn't have classes for the MDT or cultural awareness back then because they didn't exist, so that might be one reason ours was shorter. Instead, they just showed us what side of the horse to get up on and how to hitch the mules to the wagon.

BoJackUSMC, don't dwell on those who have withdrawn or been forced out. You don't want their leaving to affect your success in the academy. Keep your mind focused on you doing well and you should do fine. You work as a team, so you naturally will become close to some of your fellow cadets; especially those in your platoon. Nevertheless, you need to remember you are going thru the academy ultimately for you. I am not trying to appear cold, just putting a little reality out there.

Every academy class everywhere loses cadets for one reason or another. IIRC, we began with 103, including outside agencies and I believe 83 graduated. I am sure you will lose more, but just concentrate on what you have to do to ensure you graduate and you will be fine.
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