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Originally Posted by Jyruiz View Post
I built this last night, took me about 15 minutes. I have lots of lumber from all the projects I was doing and still doing at home. Underneath the base, the 2x4's are attached with metal brackets as well as screwed into each other, same goes for the middle post. The target hangs 4 inches away from the post. The rope is just to see how it would hang, I plan on using chain or cable until I can buy/make a steel stand that folds away or collapses down for easy transport.

Nice work on that one too! Over time the frag will chew up the wood, but it should last for quite a while.

The rope you are using will not last long. The frag will slice it in half likely during your first or second shoot. When you have time, run over to Ace hardware or Home Depot and have them cut you a few chain links to use in lieu of the rope.

Just my $.02
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