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Default CRPA Family Fun Shoot: We Need Your Opinion, Feedback And Input

Seventeen days ago your CRPA presented its First Annual Family Fun Shoot (FFS) on Saturday, August 25 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center near Rancho Murrietta.

Many of the volunteers who worked this event have already provided some valuable feedback on what went right and on what could be improved.

To make it even easier for you tell us what you think, we have set up two special e-mails for us to receive your comments:

The first one is for the 500 folks who attended the event, but who didnít work it as a volunteer. That email is:

The second one is for the 40 volunteers who worked the event. That email is:

Please send us your comments as soon as possible (no later than 5:00 PM Friday, September 14, 2012) and if you already sent us an email with your comments, thereís no need to re-send.

Thanks again to all of you who either attended or worked this important new event.

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