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Default I'm Looking for a new adventure in finance (investment banking?)

So, I'm looking for something new.

I've spent the last year as acting CFO for a CLEC/computer data-center/dedicated server hosting company.

I was brought in following a hostile takeover and at first the work was really interesting, piecing the books together, identifying embezzlement from the former CEO, restructuring the books, establishing new relationships with financial institutions, working on streamlining, negotiating M&A, expansion projects etc..... but now its significantly less interesting, and the bits of it that I enjoy the most (the finance stuff) is stagnating... there just isn't the drive from the board/management that I want.

Don't get me wrong, I like the operational side of the data-center industry as well.... but If I'm going to stick with this industry I need to be working with a more aggressive board of directors, who want to grow, expand, lever up, grab market share, acquire competitors and who are not content with stagnation.

I really enjoy M&A, financial analysis, modeling, etc. and I'm very very good at what I do.

Anyone know of anything interesting? I think investment banking sounds like the most fun to me, but I'm game for anything with the right aggressive attitude in the management team/board of directors.
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