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finally remembered to watch this video and it is spot on. the goal of the politicians here is to take away every single firearm in civilian hands. it's no secret that's for sure and a willing media to back them up at every turn.

Originally Posted by smirnus3000 View Post
Cool article.

There has to be a better way to communicate with our legislators on this issue. The whole "no discussion, no debate" approach is completely unacceptable. This may be a way to open some minds to start thinking in a different way about how to prevent gun violence.
the reason there is no debate from those like Sen. Yee is that they know that they are wrong and will be beaten to the ground with the facts. but the public and these political slime will not debate it is because they know that they have the media and an uneducated public that refuses to listen. if guns are said to be bad from these people well they must be so take them away. even though the facts and statistics don't add up. that and the democratic party in this state is mostly anti gun and if they are pro gun they lack the ba**s to stand up to their own party.

Public Safety Chairman Reggie Jones Sawyer, D-Los Angeles said, “This is California; we don’t pay too much attention to the Constitution,”
contact the governor
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