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Default Free Ham radio CLASS not a Ham cram in Marin county. Starts Sept. 30, 2012

If there is anyone that is thinking about getting their Ham License, my Amateur Radio club is having a free class for technicians license. This is not a ham cram. It is on 6 Sundays starting on Sept 30. The class is also open to people who took a ham cram and walked out with a license but knew as little after the test as when they went in to take the test. Ham crams have their place but it teach you nothing except the answers to the test. There is no charge for the class. You will need to buy the study book from the club or someplace like HRO. I think this is the book but will check if anyone is interested.

If You have a friend that is not a member of Calguns but might be interested in amateur radio, let them know about he class.

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