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Originally Posted by Wiser Owl Tactical View Post

Thanks for the support! We are doing our best to provide our customers with the best deals. For the firearms you mentioned, we can definitely do the Gen 3 models for the Glock 23C and 35. SSE may be available for these models by next month, but we are still working on it. For the Bushmasters, there might be a little bit of a wait because of the demand. We would also have to have it modified prior to shipment to ensure that they meet compliance statutes for California (bullet button, pinned mags/10 round replacements, etc.). When you are ready to order, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Thanks!
That sounds great- having lived in San Diego all my life and being to other gun stores here, it's refreshing to know that a store like yours now exists in the area. I'm sure other locals understand what I mean- excuse the pun, but most places are hit or miss around here. Just the positive customer service alone is worth buying through you guys- the discounts and deals are just icing on the cake. I will hit u guys up when I have cash in hand. Thanks again!
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