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Originally Posted by Matt1984 View Post
Ok before this gets any more childish....let me clarify my post(s).

First off I clearly stated that the OP was wrong...which he was for not stating crucial facts to his complaints.

Second off and this is my main issue which I don't think your comprehending is PSA statement before, regardless if the OP was wrong. PSA stated "There isn't anything I can do here, and you can't expect to get a refund (from any company in any industry) just because they had a sale after you placed your order."
That's when I proceeded to point out that PSA should not talk for others when it can barley handle its own CS. I mean I do not work in the retail work force, I work for uncle sam but how does this sound.

PSA- I'm sorry to hear about your recent unpleasant buying experience with us. Hear at Palmetto State Armory we are determined to bring nothing but the best customer service to our dedicated customers. Unfortunately due to our competitive prices and everyday lows we are unable to adjust the price of your recent order. We hope that you can understand this and we look forward to doing business in the feature. Here is a 5% off promo code for your next purchase. Thank you for being a valued costumer.

How easy was that?!?! Too easy! Don't say "there is nothing I can do." that is not customer service, that's a polite I don't care and we got your money.
It's 2012 not 1996....customer service is everything. I'm in the Army and I know that..."Hearts and Minds."

Now do you understand my viewpoint?...the OP was wrong but so was PSA...Check?
I see your point, I simply agree to disagree. The OP came on here and acted like a spoiled brat. Simply put, he did nothing I can see to warrant anything other than "take your business elsewhere" from PSA. When my child acts like that, I blister his rear end.
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Dude went full CNN...
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