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A limp wrist can cause all types of unusual shooting problems - ones you don't need or want lol - As for the Dance, I was shooting my sisters Walther Pk - the original bought back in the 1980's. She had not shot the gun in probably 20 years. So I took it home, cleaned it, made sure everything was working properly and took it to the range. So, you are in the cubicle which is not that large of a area. The first 3 shots pinged off the wall, 2 bounced off my head and one hit my cheek - What???? Well that had to be a fluke - right? NO!

This time I asked "My Friends" to stand behind me and see how high the casings were hitting the wall. The next shot pinged off the wall and down my shirt which had two buttons opened and the dance began. AFTER, they stopped laughing, they said the casing hit the wall about at a level of the top of my head. No wonder I was getting hit in the head.

It's high neck T-shirts for me now even though my guns have never shot the casing back at me but I won't take any chances again - that was not pleasant lol AND my friends are dillweeds for keeping the dance going on and on and on LOL
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