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Originally Posted by Sakiri View Post
As a female with a DD/E chest I'll tell you that I have 0 issues shouldering a 12 gauge. I also have 0 issues not letting my chest get in the way.
hi sakiri well i don't have anywhere near DD's but it's not the actual boobs is by where your ribs meet your shoulders that is where it hurts...which makes me wonder if u are really a girl....since most girls would kno that! It's not like i'm the only girl who has had this problem.. It is not the breast tissue per-say that is sore....

So maybe big boobs make it better to shoot a shotgun and i'm just not 'blessed' in that way! LOL!

and for all those who say i'm not shooting the 'proper' shotgun....i don't own one and have only ever shot my friends' ones before.....and I would NEVER buy a shotgun, because IMO, it is really a pointless gun. I mean of course it would kill somebody but it isn't really 'accurate' like how an AR is or a 1911!
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