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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post

The guys who wanted to hi-jack the ladies forum have gotten what they wanted. They DID. And they got us to do the dirty work for them !

Most of the recent chat has been how to get men to behave decently in the women's forum. How dumb is that ? Why bother?

No offense to anyone, but I'm not posting anymore to our Women's Forum threads that have become all about men. Not me, no more.

I'll post to threads that are of actual interest to women, like how to do CCW in Sacramento in 106 degrees, or stranger meetups, or what's pink camo all about.

But I'm done with focusing exactly where the trolls want me to focus.

UPDATE: OK, I lost my temper.
CCW in Sac by sweating it out, Stranger meetups are a no go if you're not comfy with it, and pink camo kicks @$$.
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