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I agree that the Ladies Forum should be open to all Calgunners.

But I would also like the option for women CGNers to choose to have their "Women-only" threads be answered by women only. In another forum, while I was posting a picture thread, somebody went in and posted a photo (not his) of the same event. Definitely spoiled "my" picture thread before I'd finished posting it. And the forum owner apparently agreed with me (from about 60-something miles away). Because within minutes he created (and debuted as a feature) the option for thread starters to keep other people from posting in newly created photo threads. Thread posters had to write "Posting" in their new threads to avoid hijacking by others. Something similar for the Ladies Forum could also be created for "Women-Only" threads. (Of course that would mean female CGNers would have to be identified. That could be a stickied, "I Am Woman" thread all by itself in the Ladies Forum.)

Also in that other forum, the owner wrote a code that before someone posts a picture thread, he or she has to affirm that the photos are about the specific forum subject (motorcycles). IIRC the poster is asked twice the question and thus must hit the submit button twice. Something like that could be written to get known male CGNers to think twice as to whether their contributions are indeed worthy of female CGNers' attention. lol

And of course I will always be in favor of continuing the banning from the Ladies Forum of male CGNers who cannot abide by the forum rules. Keep the idiots out!

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