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On two other forums I am on, I don't even let ppl know I'm a woman. Only long standing members who've met me in person know. Always have to voice that I'd like to keep my gender unknown to random members because they had talked down to me on my original handle. I have better vehicles. And they're actually built. Not with generic bolt ons. But there's a sense of compensation that random immature members seemed to radiate...there was a ladies section too. I brought 18-20 members from my own car group...ended up closing it and making a new handle because guys kept posting for dates. Love life therapy and advice. Guys kept asking for pics of some of them after seeing a pic of a hot rod cruise and shooting meet...

I mean there are some great guys here, but in general this really is an open forum. So as long as guys remember where they are. And that gruff attidude as someone put it lol. It's all good I guess.
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