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Originally Posted by sealocan View Post
Very nice and I like the labels. I realy like the foregrip and that type of pistol grip on the A 0 W, but why rifled slugs in that type of weapon? Also you probably have them just not in the photograph what do you think of the slings that hold a bunch of shells. All long guns need slings so why have them carry the shells at the penalty of a little extra weight? I've always been a Mossberg man I love the safety right on top and the fact that they're inexpensive but reliable. like I have told people if you're going to shoot a lot, like in a competition or a career,spend the extra money and get the 870 you won't regret it.

Speedfeed grip on the AOW. I wish I can find the wood version of that grip. Used to be made by Scattergun Technologies. But no longer in production.

The sling swivels are there in case I want to use a sling. They are quick release so can come off if not needed. I do not have any slings with shotgun shell loops.

The rifled slugs were just for show. Didn't want the Mesa shell holders empty. The AOW is not kept loaded. on this one, the label reads "NFA AOW HANDGUN".
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