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I think that the Women's Forum should not be locked to men.

I mostly want to hear what the women say on questions, like women's holsters for instance, but certain men also ask good questions and provide good responses.

It's just the haters and the brat-boys who need to be off the air. I'd like the grown up men on the thread to instruct them in civilized behavior, personally. And I'm going to be quicker with the objection triangle. I helped get certain grotesque photos off the Forum, for instance.

It's really interesting, there's a thread on the Womens Forum on Glocktalk, that is mostly about breast cancer, some really true feelings coming out, women supporting other women strongly. And the little boys didn't want to be anywhere near that one! Even though male breast cancer was discussed fully.

And I do think that we should start a thread inside the Women's Forum to contain Women's RANTS. We need such a place, clearly. I'd read it with interest...

So, IMHO, let's go on as we started, and just learn to defend ourselves and each other more effectively.
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