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I'm always in for another lower. What I'm certain would make this fly for many would be a couple ffl's willing to support the buy by allowing the lowers to ship in and doing the transfer at a pre-negotiated price (perhaps $35 including dros) comparable to ppt fees.

Maybe an FFL in Sacramento, San Fran, San Jose, etc.
If anyone has pull to arrange something like that it may go a long way to increasing interest (and getting new customers into those ffl's)

In many locations, quality lowers are avail local for $100 so paying the shipping on one from out of area then $75 or even $50 in additional fees to the ffl quickly doubles the cost.

The are several ffl's throughout the state that are involved on this forum, I'd like to see a couple join the cause. Maybe MetalDog Tactical in San Jose, one of Sacramento's multiple black rifle shops, etc.