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Originally Posted by retired View Post
safewaysecurity's deleted post was originally #58. When he deleted his post (for whatever reason and only he can state what that is), that reset the numbering and Vlad's post then became #58. The following posts all fell back one number, which is why Gun_totin'_harley_girl post is now #61.

Nytwolf was originally post #61 as shown by Vlad, but as explained above, it fell back to #60. The present numbering system in the thread is the accurate one, tho it certainly does cause some problems as can be seen.

TheTargetMan, your willingness to give each of them a gong is very generous and I applaud you for your actions in a difficult situation.

Thanks for the explanation. I hope Safewaysecurity would not intentionally do that to move up. I will give him the benefit of the doubt as there was likely an alternative reason for his post deletion.

I just want to make it fair for both of them. No biggie.
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