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Originally Posted by Drabnor View Post
I have a couple ideas:

hostage type targets

along that same line, an add on "bad guy" for the 1/2 scale IPSC(weld on ok)

center "heart" cutout/spinner for 1/2 scale IPSC

dualing tree sold as paddles only, no tubes(cheaper for you to make and ship)
I posted a new thread on my DIY dueling tree. To be honest, the tubing is pretty cheap and would not effect the price much. Here is a picture of my dueling tree kit. Again, this is for the "do-it-yourselfer" who has access to some angle iron and a welder.

Originally Posted by emac08 View Post
I agree in regards to the dueling tree and hostage target!
I have made some really nice products. Let me tell you a story... A guy called me up from Phoenix and wanted to know if I can make him some hostage targets. He said he had one that he wanted duplicated and was wondering if I could do that. I asked him where he got it from and he said he did not know. So, he drove over and we proceeded to make him a really nice reactive hostage type target. He brought it home. A few days later he calls me up and says he wants 30 of them made. I say OK. I posted some pics of this target on the internet and the next day, Salute Targets calls me up and tells me I have duplicated their product...I had no idea.

It is not in my style to blatently copy someone's product, so after speaking with the owner, I gave him my word I would not make them. Here is a picture of the target I am referring to...

Like I said, it is not in my style to blatently copy someone's design. I have made and sold tons of similar ones, but I will not recreate this exact one. I will post some pics (when I can find them) of some pretty sweet reactive hostage targets I have made.
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