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The OP is 100% in the right, any worthy retailer would be happy to extend the refund. In fact some retailers will honor the price drop for 30 days or more...PA made the wrong call on this one.

For the guys tellin him to "get over it" etc, be sure to pool up amd send him 50.00. If it were me the upper would probably be on its way back to PA.

ETA: I'd send it back because somebody from CS said NO to a perfectly legitimate request. Customer service is HUGELY important when I do business with somebody, as such I am just as much a stickler when it comes to our own CS department. We have policies in place to ensure our customers are satisfied when they hang up the phone. They(the customer) will get either a detailed explanation as to why we cannot meet their request coupled with a way to make it up to them or we will happily(emphasis on happily) fulfill their request...either way they hang up in a better mood.

It is my belief that this policy has helped us grow from a one man show(my father making deliveries around town in his Ford Probe) to a 500 employee operation covering the whole of CA. We have grown all these years via word of mouth alone. We've never had to advertise because our quality of service and customer care sells the business for us. I frequently put calls into the CS department to listen to how they answer the phone, check their tone and correct/praise as required.

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