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Originally Posted by DarkSoul View Post
These guys got real balls selling at gun shows, and NOT shipping their web orders. It appears that they have the equipment, and the raw materials, so what the hell? Something is going on here, and I would bet they are just stringing people along until they bank enough money that they can leave the country and live on everyone else's dime down in Mexico or something.

It's ashamed that so many people have been suckerd by these d-bags.
I'm guessing that they are now desperate. They sell at gun shows because there is no shipping costs involved (I'm sure they charge for that anyway) to get some quick cash.

I wonder if the backlog is due to their needing capital for supplies (primers, powder, bullets, brass) or if they need manpower. I'm guessing the machines are running 24/7 but need real humans to watch them.

With just ... his wife, some kid and some other woman, I can see them being overwhelmed, but running at the razor's edge.

They no longer have the money to refund orders because they pre-spent profits to move to the larger place, and every cent is being used to fullfil bigger contracts so they don't lose those.

It's easiest for them to screw the smaller guys and not their brass providers, but if they were smart, they would fulfill SOME of the smaller orders. If some guy ordered 100 rounds, send that! They should work on reducing the number of PO'ed customers.

I dunno, I hope they can recover from this really bad business practice.

Yeah, so reminiscent of the 10mm Freakshow guy.

And everyone who buys a progressive press thinks "Hey, I could SELL my reloads!" LOL.
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