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Originally Posted by Adam B. View Post
I dont need to watch videos to teach me to shoot, I go and do. If thats your cup of tea. I tend not to follow trends just make em.........
Trend setting, Some of the 1st 7wsm on short actions-

Setting trends is trendy my friend, follow isnt.......
Wow sounds like a bad fortune cookie...

So since we are friends I can say that you are full of it.

Eevery rifle you just posted is following all the current trends out there, Rem 700 in (super expensive stock here) with your nightforce optic on is that different from the group???

So I wasn't born with all the knowledge out there on how to shoot long distances like you. Fact I bet you never had to go to school, you just knew everything. I'm just saying this as a friend...

For the rest of us mortals, we have to have some instruction before we just start lobbing rounds down range. Too bad all our Military folks have to go through all that trendy training and can't just pick up a rifle and shoot sub MOA at a 1000 yards like you.
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