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Originally Posted by MicroDOC View Post
It just doesn't seem to make sense that many of us who have spent years protecting our country as law enforcement officers or military officers sworn to protect life and country are all of a sudden not trustworthy gun owners. You'd think these are just the type people that should be trusted with weapons. Not the rich and famous...
Please dont take this the wrong way, I am one of the people looking forward to getting a LTC as soon as I can, but the issue of permits is not a rich and famous thing here in SB.

The reality is that permits are issued to those individuals who are connected to the SO. Reservists, SAR, and Aero Squad. A few Judges, and just about anyone connected to the Chumash Casino.

Rich and Famous would still get you a denial for the most part, unless you happen to be a rich pilot with your own plane, then Aero Squad for you... granted you still have to take the POLY, background investigation, etc. But the Aero Squadron is no joke, the time commitment is huge. It is also not just a rich mans club... it is full of a lot of retired cops and military guys.

Our best bet right now would be a suit filed against the county with enough backing to make them not want to fight it monetarily. The County is Broke!!!
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