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Originally Posted by mblosser100 View Post

after seeing what the gun can do, iv determined the works great!
after slight adjustments to the sights for my velocity ammo i was able to hit about 4" size groups at 100 yds with the iron sights. im excited to see what she can do for me with a scope on her. (or red dot)

cool features:

there are many cool little things about this particular gun.
1st as you all know its cool to have a full size ak just in 22!
2nd my gun came with a side rail which will make scope mounting (or dot) easy.
3rd my gun came with rpk rear sight (which included windage)
4th i do like the gas sight block combo. with a fake can over the barrel shell probably look closer to the 104 style ak.

but the guns a shooter. hits what you point it at but all in the fun 22lr. im loving it alot!

most updated config:
[IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

put on what plastics i had and tossed on one of my stockBlocks and a fake suppressor. eh its getting there. my end goal is a tac'd out 105 style.
what do you guys think?
Please dont disgrace these beautiful rifles with AR garbage. Mr. Kalashnikov would be so disappointed

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