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Default GSG 1911-22 Problems

Hey All,

Here is my GSG 1911-22

Can't see it in this pic, but I've got the CWA SS Guide Rod & Mag baseplate too.

I've shot about 400 of CCI Mini-Mags and about 2-300 of Federal bulk pack through it and have had probably had failures in the teens... 15...16'ish.

My parents are the primary shooters, I take em to the range and while I shoot my RIA they shoot my GSG. They like that this one doesn't kick. Anyhow, I just assumed the failures were from user error or ammo and didn't pay much attention, but I started shooting it myself and had the slide lock up on me.

Tap Rack Bang didn't quite work out.

The slide would move rearwards freely, but would stop about a centimeter before reaching firing position.

I dropped the mag and started working the slide, and with a bit of "encouragement" it loosened up and moved forward.

When I reinserted the mag it wouldn't pickup a round. I checked the mag and they rounds were loaded fine, no nose dive or anything of the sort, reinserted with a nice audible click, and I could look down and see the slide pass over the rounds and not pick them up.

Anyhow, a little more encouragement and it started picking up rounds again, and went through the next 100 as if there was never an issue.

Any ideas on what could be the issue? I gave it a good look once I got home and couldn't find any physical damage that could've cause the failure.

Also, I've noticed that the slide feels sticky or gritty for the first half centimeter when I'm racking it back. It's by no means difficult to rack the slide, but in comparison to how slick the slide feels once it passes that first .5cm is like night & day. It feels like there's some metal on metal contact thats restricting the slide movement in the beginning. I don't recall if it was always like this, or if this is something that developed after the slide jammed on me.

Anyhow, let me know how your slide feels. Do you also have that gritty feeling for the first .5cm?
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