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Originally Posted by HowardW56 View Post
I am curious which agency came up with that policy.

I know a few Fed LEO's, whose agency policies prohibit the carrying of anything other than their issue weapon, have obtained Permits to carry more concealable pistols or compact revolvers.

Call the Sheriff and talk to their CCW coordinatorů
DLA. The policy prohibiting us from carrying a loaded concealed weapon off duty has been in place for a while. However, this new policy prohibiting us from carrying our credentials off duty is new. It seems as though they had to make this new policy for reprimand reasons in order to cover their *** after the incident that happened in Modesto.

I will call the Sheriff's office next week. I'm planning of providing both policies to him in addition to a Opinion letter signed by the Governor (he was the Attorney General when he signed) back in 07 stating that we are authorized to carry a loaded concealed weapon.

Thank you and I'll keep you posted.
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