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Originally Posted by heyjak View Post
So, if my SON in Texas sells a handgun (not on the Kali approved list) to me in Kalifornia, it will be legal if we use an FFL for the transfer?
Originally Posted by bwiese View Post

....because that is exempt from matters of rostering per 12132PC due to 12078(c) PC 'interfamily exemption' The CA FFL is just used to keep the Feds happy for interstate transactions.

If your son were a CA resident, you wouldn't need an FFL as an intermediary.
You'd just need to hold a valid HSC card and send in a form to DOJ along with $19 fee.

And if that were your brother/sister, uncle, or cousin, etc instead of your son - it would not be the case - since only grandparents, parents, children & grandchildren are the authorized parties for exempt interfamily transfers.
Thanks for the Q and A on this! I was not clear on the details of the interfamily exemption.
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